Doggie Cottages

All our cottages are set up with therapeutic beds for your pet to comfortably rest on. Each one of our cottages is equipped with televisions to keep your beloved pet entertained. Your pet is provided with fresh water all day and each cottage is kept sanitized while your pet is staying with us. We encourage you to bring toys, beds, blankets and anything else that you think will help make your friend's stay more pleasant.

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Doggie Daycare

We understand that you may have a hectic work schedule and may not be able to play with your pet as much as you would like. We are more than happy to accept your pet into our Doggie Daycare. We have separate playrooms for small and large dogs, and a variety of toys are provided for all day entertainment. Your pet can look forward to tons of fun with our staff and their new doggie pals as well as treats and meals throughout the day!

We are available for Doggie Daycare Monday through Friday.

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Doggie Suites

We have a variety of different sized suites to best suit the size of your pet. Our largest suite is 8 x 10 feet. The suites do not face each other which helps reduce the stress level on your pet. All of our suites are lifted off the ground so they are not resting on the floor (we do not have cement flooring). There are 20 air changes per hour to help provide your pet with the cleanest and freshest air possible. We will work with you to provide your dog with all the comforts of home, and you are welcome to bring along toys and other favorite items!

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Kitty Condos

Both our Kitty Condos and our Kitty Penthouse have a great view of our 50 gallon fish tank! Our Kitty Condos and Kitty Penthouse are separated from our Dog Cottages to help reduce the stress level of your cat.
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Pet Spa

We offer partial grooming services. Rates vary depending on the size of your pet and type of coat. We are available Monday through Friday for grooming services. Call for an appointment today!

Some of our grooming services include:
Sanitary Shave

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